Corporate Profile

About K.U.S Group

Headquartered in Singapore, K.U.S Group is today a renowned and established provider of building materials in Asia.

Expanding from its initial endeavour in Structural components, K.U.S Group has since diversified and is now predominantly known for its expertise in 6 main categories of building materials: Formwork systems, Scaffolding systems, Steelbending components, Architectural works components, Pre-cast concrete components and Metal Works products.

K.U.S Group first started with K.U.S Holdings (S) Pte Ltd in 1999. Under strong leadership and vision, the company has widened its horizon through regional expansion in Asia, establishing itself in one country after another and eventually becoming K.U.S Group of companies. Today, K.U.S Group has its presence in 10 countries through the 18 companies under its arm.

While focusing mainly on the trading of building materials initially, K.U.S Group has ventured into manufacturing some of its products over the years in order to improve its efficiency and maintain its cost effectiveness. As building methods in the industry continue to evolve rapidly, K.U.S Group has moved swiftly to place an added focus on research and development.

K.U.S Group of companies rapidly established a region-wide distribution system, providing an edge to deliver competitive and quality range of products to regions around Asia. With its ever growing appetite for success, K.U.S Group's vision is to set up offices throughout the globe.

K.U.S Group of Companies
K.U.S Holdings (S) Pte Ltd
K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding Pte Ltd
K.U.S Pre-Cast (S) Pte Ltd
K.U.S Metal Works Pte Ltd
K.U.S Building Supplies Pte Ltd
K.U.S Industrial Pte Ltd
K.U.S Co., Ltd
PT KUS Building Supplies
KUS Building Supplies Sdn Bhd
KUS Pre-cast Concrete (M) Sdn Bhd
KUS Prefab Technology Sdn Bhd
K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding Co., Ltd
K.U.S Structural Components, Inc.
K.U.S Architectural Components, Inc.
Sri Lanka
K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding (Private) Limited
K.U.S Building Supplies Co., Ltd
K.U.S Construction Materials Co Ltd

Product and Services of K.U.S Group

Formwork systems
Scaffolding systems
Steelbending components
Architectural Works components
Pre-Cast Concrete components
Metal Works products