K.U.S Building Supplies Pte Ltd

About K.U.S Building Supplies

As part of its vision to better serve its clients, K.U.S Group conducted a realignment of the company to increase its efficiency and capability in a fast changing world.

As such, K.U.S Building Supplies was founded in 2017, to better service and support clients’ needs, by inheriting the business operations in the trading of architectural works components.

K.U.S Building Supplies offers a comprehensive range of products, including components used in the bricklaying works, plastering works, tiling works, screeding works, drywall works as well as protective materials.

Over the years, K.U.S Building Supplies has established itself as an industry leader, and is committed to continue developing and suppling a wide range of products and services catering to the demand of growing construction markets and industries, while adjusting strategically in the evolving construction industry.