K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding Pte Ltd

About K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding

K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding, founded in 2010, specialises in the sales & rental of Formwork & Scaffolding systems.

K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding offers a comprehensive range of Scaffolding systems, including Modular Scaffolding Systems (Ringlock System, Cuplock System & Kwikstage System) as well as the Conventional Scaffolding Systems (Frame System & Tubular System)

While focusing mainly on the construction industry for the various building & civil infrastructure projects initially, K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding have moved aptly into supplying the marine industry, which involves ship-building and repairing; the chemical industry, which deals with power plants and refineries; and the events management industry, which specialises in erecting staging and seating.

As a major supplier in the market, K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding is committed to deliver competitive and quality products with a flexible business model through their rental and buyback program, providing clients with an alternative upon completion of their projects.

To cater to the needs of different contractors for different type of projects in the market, K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding conducted in depth studies into the manufacturing process and the technical specifications of plywood. The range of plywood has since been expanded, and “Amphiply”, its own branding, was created.

With the added emphasis on efficiency and productivity of the construction industry in Singapore in recent years, K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding has studied the various Modular Scaffolding Systems available globally, and have moved swiftly to expand the range of products. K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding has also invested into researching the different Formwork Systems globally, as part of the expansion plans to provide an alternative to the conventional formwork methods in the near future.