With every step carefully planned, K.U.S ventured out and started its first oversea subsidiary in Philippines.

K.U.S Architectural Component Inc. (Luzon) (2010)

K.U.S Architectural Components was founded in 2010 to provide innovative services for customers. Upon inheriting the business operations, it has served its purpose as a support system in catering our clients’ needs. It specialises in trading of Architectural works components and offers a comprehensive range of products. Over the years, K.U.S Architectural Components has established itself as an industry leader which aims to strengthen its local presence by setting up branch offices throughout the country.

Seizing all the opportunities in Philippines, K.U.S open a branch in Visayas. With the wide range of products, K.U.S classified themselves into Structural and Architectural Products.

K.U.S Architectural Components Inc. (Visayas) (2011)

K.U.S Structural Components Inc. (Visayas) (2016)

Seizing the opportunity to expand in the Philippines, K.U.S opened K.U.S Architectural Components Inc. in Visayas in 2011. With the growth of the construction industry in the region, K.U.S Structural Components Inc. was established in 2016 and offered a wider range of products to the market. In 2021, the two companies merged as K.U.S Structural Components Inc. and continued to offer architectural finishing products, scaffolding and formwork materials.

In 2021, the two companies merged as K.U.S Structural Components Inc. in Cebu and continued to offer architectural finishing products, scaffolding and form work materials to cater to the construction activities of the increasingly competitive global city.

K.U.S Structural Components Inc (Luzon) (2011)

K.U.S Structural Components Inc. was founded in 2011, initially focusing on trading of building materials to cater to the needs of different projects in the Philippine construction sectors. Over the years, K.U.S Structural Components Inc. established its footprint in the country as one of the leading providers of formwork and scaffolding materials. With the growing demand of the construction industry, K.U.S Structural Components Inc. has recently ventured into engineering and design, local manufacturing, rental, & installation of various formworks & scaffolding systems.

In a big country like Philippines, K.U.S stretched out further and open a branch in Mindanao

K.U.S Structural Components Inc.(2017)

As the country continues to develop, K.U.S Structural Components Inc. Davao branch was established in 2017 to accommodate the ascending construction needs of the region. K.U.S Davao started with a range of products for formworks and finishing materials while continuously pursuing its research and development. Adapting to the evolving market, K.U.S has embarked in System Formworks that offers rental, buyback and supply & install which provides better products and services to our valued partners and clientele. K.U.S has been in partnership with the local architects and engineers and has been actively attending exhibits and expos. Despite the adversities brought about by unprecedented events and the pandemic, K.U.S continues to thrive and has become more robust than it has ever been.