Privacy Statement

K.U.S Group upholds an individual’s data privacy rights and assures that all your personal information (personal data) collected and to be collected, are processed in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act of 2012” and guidelines of Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) Singapore.


K.U.S, its subsidiaries, affiliates and related parties (collectively referred to as “K.U.S Group, “we”, “us” or “our”) recognizes the importance of your rights as a data subject:


  • Right to be informed.
  • Right to access
  • Right to correct
  • Right to rectification, erasure, or blocking

This Privacy Statement explains how we gather, protect, use, manage and secure your Personal Data necessary to serve you better. Any information you provide to us indicates your express consent to the content of our Privacy Statement.


Personal Data Collection

We may collect your personal data, directly or indirectly, but not limited to the following:


  • Your name, nationality, civil status, gender, age, birthdate, unique identifiers, email address, mailing address, phone numbers, visual recordings(CCTV) within K.U.S Premises, specimen signature, details and copy of ID and other information as part of our dealings with you and provided in our respective forms or documents.
  • Your resume’, reflecting your educational background and employment history when you seek employment with us.
  • Medical information for pre-employment requirements.
  • Your financial background and/or business information when you partnered with us or if necessary, in availing our products;
  • Information you submitted when you contact our sales in relation to your inquiries or requests; when you visit and connect to our websites and social media pages; and other information necessary to any transactions related to our products or services.
  • Submitting job applications, resume and other information required for the recruitment process.
  • When your images are captured by our CCTV surveillance cameras when you visit our premises.


By providing any information above you consent to the use and purpose of such information. For information other than yours, you certify that you obtained their consent to disclose and process that information about another person.


Use and Sharing of Personal Data

K.U.S Group uses the Personal Data you only to the purpose it is intended:


  • Communicating our latest products and services.
  • Responding to your needs, inquiries, requests and concerns.
  • Processing of orders or preparation for contractual services.
  • Complying with the law and all legal orders and processes.
  • Conducting due diligence and documentation.
  • Any other transactions which are mandated by law.
  • Reviewing job applications


We will not use your personal data for purpose other than what you have consented to or which are permitted under local laws and regulations.

We may only share your Personal Data, to the extent that is reasonable and necessary to:


  • Our employees handling your requests.
  • Our subsidiaries, affiliates and other related parties for related purpose provided in this Privacy Policy.
  • Any third-party service providers performing financial, administrative, technical and other ancillary services.
  • Government institution and other competent authorities which by law, rules or regulations requires us to disclose.
  • Person or entity that we contractually entered with, that ensures the confidentiality standard we implement and adhere to the PDPA.


Personal Data Preservation and Protection

We will retain and/or preserve your Personal Data:


  • To the extent necessary to fulfil the purpose for business or legal purposes.
  • To the extent agreed upon by the parties to a contract.
  • For statistical, research and other purpose specifically authorized by law.


To maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information, we have implemented measures to secure and protect it from theft, loss, penetration or breach. We put in place organizational, physical and technical security measures necessary to protect your personal information:


  • Use of secured servers, firewalls, encryptions and other latest security tools.
  • Limited access to personal information to those duly authorized processors. All transfers are made after complying with the established confidentiality policy and practices in place.
  • Maintain a secured server operating environment by performing regular security patch update and server hardening.


Changes in our Privacy Policy

K.U.S Group may at times update or amend Privacy Policy in order to adhere to new and existing laws affecting the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012 including any change or improvement we establish to secure your Personal Data. Any amendment of the Privacy Policy will be posted here in our website: and will take effect immediately. Any updates or changes shall not alter how we handle previously collected Personal Data without obtaining your consent unless required by law.


For any concerns, or queries, you may Contact Us at:

K.U.S Group Data Protection Officer
Address: 65 Senoko Drive, Singapore, 758239
Tel. No.: +65 67702228