About Us


About Us

Established in Singapore in 1999, K.U.S is now one of the trusted suppliers and contracting service providers in the Construction Industry with 500 employees of varied nationalities in 17 companies across 7 countries in Asia. With a growing presence in the global arena, K.U.S is customer-driven and upholds its corporate responsibilities going forward to its current growth and future progress.


Begun as a small business founded by Mr. Daniel Ng and partners, Mr. Simon Cheong and Mr. Simon Lee, K.U.S responded to the growing demand for construction materials when Singapore progressively concentrated on infrastructure projects in the country. 


Challenged by becoming competitive on construction requirements, K.U.S transformed its approach and strategies from selling basic construction materials to supplying bigger components such as System Formwork and Pre-cast. It also set up distinct units for its other businesses such as Scaffolding, Metal Works, Architectural and expanding its portfolio in Electrical Systems. With the support of its technical experts, K.U.S was able to provide contracting, design, and manufacturing services to its customers as well.  It also extended its geographical reach, not just in Singapore, but also in other countries in Asia such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. 


With its humble beginnings, strong leadership, hard work and empowered workforce, K.U.S continues to grow as a supplier and service provider of building materials given its vision to expand its corporate identity worldwide.


K.U.S Today and Beyond

Today, K.U.S strives for its continuous success. We constantly discover and create new job functions to cater to the growing needs of our business. We invest in talented people to help us build our corporate structure.  We develop policies and procedures to strengthen and better govern the complexities of our company operations. We devote our time and effort to research and development for product innovation and geographical expansion. We reclassify our business groups to exemplify the individuality and identity of our core businesses. 


Our work never stops. We will relentlessly find more opportunities and innovate to achieve our vision of becoming a global supplier and service provider of all building materials.