Company History

At K.U.S, we simply yearn to be the best. Excellence, Ingenuity, Fidelity and Passion are the virtues we live by. Having the mind-set that true leadership is through actions and not just a title or a position held empowers us to do more, to take the dreams for our products and services higher and further, and by bringing greater value towards answering the needs of our customers.


  • K.U.S Holdings was founded in 1999 to suffice Singapore’s vast demand for construction materials.
  • 15 employees, a 6,000 sq feet rented warehouse cum office at Loyang Way
  • K.U.S Logo, the three straight lines, represents the main purpose of our company, swiftness.


With carefully planned steps, K.U.S ventured out and started its first overseas subsidiary in Philippines – Manila.



After nine years, the blue straight line company logo was replaced by a New Logo. The 2D design commemorates our growth and represents our longing for the future.

K.U.S Pre-Cast ( S ) Pte Ltd

In 2008, K.U.S paved its way to greater ranges of products by setting up companies in Singapore and Malaysia that specialize in designing and manufacturing of precast components.



Further development for the logo– the K.U.S logo was adjusted. The brand logo is made up of two elements: the symbol and the wordmark. The wordmark is a proprietary logotype and cannot be reproduced with typesetting. This ensures a higher level of recognition in the market.

K.U.S Architectural Components Inc.

In a span of 3 years, K.U.S Philippines grew and augmented its brand awareness throughout Luzon. In order to cater better services and products, K.U.S Philippines restructured and renamed itself.

Jun 2010

K.U.S Scaffoldings Pte Ltd

Another local subsidiary was formed. It specializes in scaffolding system.

Oct 2010

KUS Building Supplies Sdn Bhd

On the same year, K.U.S set up another subsidiary in the neighbouring country, Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur.



Luzon – K.U.S Structural Components Inc.

Visayas – K.U.S Architectural Components Inc.

Seizing all the opportunities in Philippines, K.U.S opened a branch in Visayas. With the wide range of products, K.U.S classified them as Structural and Architectural products.

K.U.S Construction Materials Co., Ltd

On that same year, K.U.S saw the potential in Vietnam’s construction market and decided to set up another overseas subsidiary.



K.U.S Building Supplies Co., Ltd

K.U.S never hesitated to groom talents locally or overseas as it appointed a Myanmar national to lead and to manage the newly set up company in Myanmar.



K.U.S Co., Ltd

Based on the demographic, Cambodia was next in the line. With the K.U.S research team analysing all aspects of Cambodia’s market, K.U.S is optimistic and ready to start new subsidiaries.



PT KUS Building Supplies

Having subsidiaries in 6 ASEAN countries, K.U.S did not stop. It continued to expand into another ASEAN country, Indonesia.



K.U.S Structural Components Inc.

To cater to the contractors in the Visayas region with a wider range of products, K.U.S Structural Components was set up in Mandaue city



KUS Building Supplies Sdn Bhd

Studying the market trend, K.U.S opened a branch in Johor, Malaysia.

K.U.S Metal Works Pte Ltd

K.U.S Building Supplies Pte Ltd

Being a renowned building material provider, K.U.S Singapore forged ahead and started manufacture metal related products. On top of metal products, K.U.S categorized its interior products and managed them under a new subsidiary.

K.U.S Scaffolding Singapore branch has changed its name into K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding Pte Ltd. It extended the products range in order to serve better to our client.

December of the same year, K.U.S Myanmar also changed its name into K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding Co., Ltd.

K.U.S Structural Components Inc.

Philippines was the first country that K.U.S ventured out. K.U.S moved out further, thus, not only covering Luzon and Visayas, it also spread out its wings to Mindanao.



K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding Pvt Ltd

Aligning with Singapore’s plan, Singapore enterprise encouraged the company to set its foot to Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka’s market continues to grow, K.U.S started its own subsidiary and showcased in their local exhibition.


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