Vision, Purpose, and Values


We aspire to be a Global Supplier and Service Provider for Building Materials

We will widen our business horizon through regional expansion in Asia while continuously fulfilling our commitment to provide a broad range of excellent products and remarkable value of service in both local and international markets.



Service through Value Engineering

Our purpose is to help our customers to create maximum value throughout the construction lifecycle by providing safe, quality, and cost-efficient construction solutions through innovation and value engineering.



Our values reflect our uniqueness in the way we do our Businesses.

We create shared values among our customers, suppliers, employees, and share holders.



We are committed to serving our customers and working with our suppliers while upholding the dignity and wellbeing of all our stakeholders, including our employees. The key to our long-term success is the attitude to deal ethically and legally in all our transactions. We uphold the highest standards of truth and fairness in all our actions, including those related to our employees.



We believe that we are accountable to empower our people and our stakeholders to reach success. Our commitment is to lead our people to showcase their abilities, discover their potential and hone them to improve their skills. We create better opportunities to help our people’s career to thrive.



We dedicate in growing the company and be a responsible and reliable business partner to our clients and people. We strive to deliver stable business progress and growth. We pledge to develop strategies and innovations that will translate to growing shareholder value.



We join the modern movement of promoting sustainability not only with our environment but also with our people, community and other stakeholders. Eco-efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, promoting diversity and inclusion, and supporting local communities through philanthropy and community engagement are all important aspects of corporate citizenship. Giving back to the community is our way to strengthen our company’s reputation and enhance employee morale, while contributing to the social and economic well-being in all areas of our operation.



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