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K.U.S Group first started with K.U.S Holdings (S) Pte Ltd in 1999. Under strong leadership and vision, the company has widened its horizon through regional expansion in Asia, establishing itself in one country after another and eventually becoming K.U.S Group of companies.

Vertical Timeline
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    With every step carefully planned, K.U.S ventured out and started its first oversea subsidiary in Philippines.

    K.U.S Architectural Component Inc. (Luzon) (2010)
    K.U.S Architectural Components was founded in 2010 to provide innovative services for customers. Upon inheriting the business operations, it has served its purpose as a support system in catering our clients’ needs. It specialises in trading of Architectural works components and offers a comprehensive range of products. Over the years, K.U.S Architectural Components has established itself as an industry leader which aims to strengthen its local presence by setting up branch offices throughout the country.

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    K.U.S Construction Materials Co Ltd
    Within the same year, K.U.S saw the potential in Vietnam’s construction market and decided to set up another oversea subsidiary.

    Recognising the potential in Vietnam’s construction industry, K.U.S. Group expanded into Vietnam and set up a subsidiary company in 2011.

    K.U.S. Construction Materials specializes in 3 types of products – Scaffolding, Architectural and Structural products. We have attained a strong market share with our quality products and services provided, providing finishing and construction solutions to meet the needs in this country. Today, we are the preferred supplier for our Vietnamese customers.

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    K.U.S Building Supplies Co., Ltd
    K.U.S never hesitate to grooms talents locally or overseas. K.U.S repatriate Myanmar national to lead and manage the company that was newly set up in Myanmar.

    K.U.S Group never hesitates to groom talents both locally and internationally. K.U.S appointed Burmese locals to lead and manage the newly set up company in Myanmar. Along with the higher demand for building materials, K.U.S Building Supplies Co. Ltd., founded in 2012, is based in Yangon, Myanmar where international port terminals vital for global trade are located. K.U.S is strategically placed in such a location due to the low labour cost and opportunities in building material manufacturing sector as well. In 2017, the company is renamed to K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding Co., Ltd as a foreign-owned company.

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    K.U.S Co., Ltd
    Based on the demographic, Cambodia was the next in line. With K.U.S research team analyzing all aspects of Cambodia market, K.U.S is optimistic and prepared for the new subsidiary.

    K.U.S Co., Ltd was set up in Cambodia in 2014 under the belt of K.U.S Group. We have a wide range of scaffolding & formwork products and our contiguous efforts to provide quality and cost-effective products has given us the opportunity to serve many premium contractors in Cambodia.

    We believe we can earn the confidence and trust of customers by providing completive cost, consistency in quality and timely delivery.

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    PT KUS Building Supplies
    Having subsidiaries in 6 ASEAN countries, K.U.S continued to expand into another ASEAN country, Indonesia.

    PT KUS Building Supplies was established in 2015 and is located and easily accessible right in the heart of Jakarta. Over the years, PT KUS Building Supplies has established itself as one of the leading providers of formwork and scaffolding materials in Indonesia. In line with the country's development plan, it has become the best partner in supporting the construction needs of both the government and the private sector. PT KUS Building Supplies has also ventured into the engineering, design and architectural fields, not only supplying formwork and scaffolding accessories but also introducing formwork systems for construction and various architectural needs.

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    KUS Building Supplies Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur, 2010)
    KUS Building Supplies Sdn Bhd (Johor, 2017)
    During the same year of restructuring Philippines, K.U.S set up another subsidiary in the neighbouring country, Malaysia. Studying the market trend, K.U.S opened a branch in Johor, Malaysia. K.U.S Group continues its journey throughout South East Asia and K.U.S Malaysia was established in Selangor in 2010, following our vision to be a concrete solution provider. In order to cater to the needs of our customers, our products grew over the years, mainly structural products such as reinforcement and formwork accessories.

    We established a branch in Johor Bahru in end 2017 to reach out to more customers in the Southern region. Moving forward, we will be establishing ourselves across Malaysia following the trend of island wide development. We will be looking at more ways to bring more valued added services to our customers while we introduce more products to aid them with their works.

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    K.U.S Formwork & Scaffolding (Private) Limited
    K.U.S align its goals with the support and advice given by Enterprise Singapore. K.U.S venture out of Southeast Asia and set up its first South Asia subsidiary in Sri Lanka, specialises in providing concrete construction solutions to its customers. Sales, rental and buyback are the main customer interfaces of the company while design, manufacture, supply and erection are the scopes that the company adopts to cater the customer’s value engineering needs.” While serving all the contractors within the island, company extends the research and development process to SARC countries with the aim of expansion to the SARC region”

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