Aluminium Railing

The Pedestrian Aluminium Railing is a modular system which is easy to install and replace, minimising disruption to pedestrian movement and traffic flow The Pedestrian Aluminium Railing is designed in accordance with LTA requirements. The system is fabricated from highstrength, marine-grade aluminium alloys with durability rating B, in accordance to BS EN 1999. The Pedestrian Aluminium Railing is resistant to vandalism. The K.U.S system ensures that fixing and fasteners cannot be loosened easily or damaged by blows or accidential human impact. The Pedestrian Aluminium Railing has a powder coat

TYPE A RAILING is used on retaining structures.


TYPE B RAILING is used as pedestrian railings or next to open drains with footpaths and slope


TYPE C RAILING is used along central dividers and footpaths adjoining carriageways. Usually located at road junctions and pedestrian crossings to ensure that visibilty and line-of-sight for drivers and pedestrians is not impaired for safety reasons.


TYPE D RAILING is used along central deviders and footpaths adjoining carriageway.


TYPE E RAILING is used along road sides or footpaths where drivers’ visibility to the main road is obscured.


TYPE F RAILING is used along centre dividers where drivers’ visibility of crossing pedestrians is obscured.