Mild Steel Grating

GRATING is an assembly of steel bars formed together like a mesh or grille to cover drainage and culverts for protection from passing vehicles and pedestrians. A wide range of applications in landscape, infrastructure and building, mean that there are a broad range of designs and types. K.U.S Metal Works ensures that the materials and workmanship used for the manufacture of steel gratings meets the Singapore Standard SS 363 (specification for steel gratings for road and drainage.)

In the Electrical Substations power cables are laid in concrete trenches. For the maintenance purpose trenches are covered by removable heavy duty gratings.

K.U.S provides the complete range of gratings for substation requirement.

The common sizes of trench gratings are

Trench Width (W) X (L) Y (W)
600/700 700/800 300
800/850 900/950 250
900 1000 200
1000/1200 1100/1300 150
1600 1700 100