Our highly qualified engineers work out formwork and scaffolding solutions for clients according to their project specification and requirements complying with international and local code of practice.

The Engineering team supports the customers from start up to the end of the projects including feasibility studies, proposal drawings, structural design calculation checks, site installation drawings and site planning.

We can offer tailor made formwork & scaffolding solutions for special project needs with advanced computer-aided software and design software.


K.U.S has its own advanced manufacturing facilities, and partnered with industry specialists. We have developed our internal Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that the quality and reliability of systems will be prioritized. K.U.S products are carefully inspected at all stages of manufacturing to ensure that they meet our high quality standards.


K.U.S has established its own modification facilities in the countries where it has the presence.The objective of the modification facility is to provide the valued added services to the customers who are owning the used aluminium integrated panels. Where K.U.S will sort, redesign & modify the existing inventories for the future projects. Which has saved notable cost to the contractors with the increased confidence on the investment. Further to that K.U.S is toping up the additional material requirements to suit the project specifications with all the related accessories.

Contracting Services

K.U.S has identified that the inefficiency of the construction cycles are caused by the non-skilled labours and not by the methodology. With that Moto K.U.S has created its own skilled labour pool with number of skilled labours and supervisors to provide the installation and dismantling services to the contractors.


K.U.S provides an extensive training program on our formwork and scaffolding systems. The training course helps our customers use our systems safely and efficiently. We provide on hand and worksite demonstration to workers and supervisors at the construction site for implementation in everyday work. Our focus is not just to train workers to impart our expert knowledge to all levels in the field of construction but also to provide the best services.


Before the shipment arrives, our skilled supervisors go to the construction sites to make preparation for the formwork system. Our supervisors are always available to assist and to guide during the process of initial set up. This helps our customers to use the systems in correct and optimal way.