RINGLOCK SYSTEM is one of the more efficient modular system which consists of hot-dipped, galvanised, high-strength steel modular components. These are assembled together using integral wedge connectors. The system has vertical members with integral rosette connections welded to them at 500mm spacings. The horizontal ledgers, transoms and diagonal braces are secured to the rosettes on the vertical tubes by means of wedge heads that incorporate captive wedges. The rosette has four narrow holes and four larger holes. The four narrow holes position the ledgers automatically and securely at right angles after the wedge is secured. The four large holes permit the alignment of ledgers and diagonal braces at the required angle. The versatility of the Ringlock System allows for straight, curved or circular configurations, for both access and support and also for independent and mobile towers. The simple and rapid assembly of this system offers cost and time savings. With the universal joint and interchangable elements, this system can be used in a wide variety of projects for falsework or shoring. All modular components are developed and tested accordance to Singapore Standard SS 280 Part 2.