Octodeck – Table Formwork

Due to its load-bearing flexibility, OCTODECK Table Formwork System can be adapted to bear loads of fresh concrete with adjustable props for slabs of various thicknesses. It could be used for slab thickness up to 500 mm, while still optimizing the use for cost-effectiveness. The maximum floor height of 5.5 m can be achieved by using heavy-duty props.


  • System adaptability allows for high-cost savings
  • The use of fewer elements speeds up the assembly process
  • Table form can be horizontally repositioned without crane
  • Complete units could be repositioned to cut re-assembly costs
  • High use cycles result in lower follow-up expenses
  • Galvanized or powder-coated props sustain for longer service life
  • It is very easy and simple to assemble the units
  • It is very easy to compatibility with RINGLOCK and any shoring system
  • Maximum value of material utilization up to corresponding loading requirement